I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. Here's a peek at what we did this week! 

1. We got to play in our post office. The kids loved it! You can check it out here. 

2. I changed out our winter sensory bin to Valentine's Day themed. 

3. My morning class has needed to go back to some more basic skills and we have been practicing that with these star activities. We practiced matching...

Sorting big vs. small...

and same vs. different. 

3. We had a work day yesterday and I was able to organize, 

and finally got to some items I have been meaning to since we returned from break. I added velcro to the bottom of some of my cube chairs so the kidds can't move them around. 

Made visuals for a couple more songs. This one is for Dr. Jean's Days of the Week. You can grab a similar one here. 

4. We LOVE doing the bear hunt song so we painted cameras and now get to wear those while we are on the bear hunt! :) You can find these here. 

5. Here is a Valentine Freebie for you. I am going to be getting some teddy graham crackers and attaching this to them. 

Have a great weekend!

When my little ones first come in we start table time. For my am class this works great because we are able to get all of their bags checked and unpacked and I am able to help get them to independently put their belongings away.

Table Time Activities are great because you can work on a lot of skills in short time. Fine motor skills, academic skills, social skills, and problem solving skills. This is also a great opportunity to get in some sensory time. 
I also love table time because this is when I introduce some of my work box tasks that they will be doing next year. My aid or I am able to provide some extra help and allow the opportunity for them to explore the new activities before independently having to be able to do it. 
Some of my favorite activities for table time are:
Screws! The kids love these. Fine Motor Feeding the Animals. Lacing Straws on pipe cleaners or string. 

Sensory Bins (straws, cut up paper, kinetic sand, rice. etc.)

Magnetic Boards. Felt Activities

Magnets. Shape Sorters. Counting French Fries, Cakes, etc. 

Scissor Cutting Practice with wrapping paper. Pattern Blocks. Ten Frame Mats or One to One Correspondence Mats.

Putting cotton balls, noodles, pom poms, straws, or buttons into containers. 

Lacing, blocks, and not pictured...cars...building roads for them to drive on. That is one of the kids favorites!

So how do you organize all of this?! 

This year I am taking a picture of the activities and writing a list in a weekly planner. 

To store the materials we use three drawer sterlite containers and placing items on trays as much as possible. That way you can quickly put the items on the tray and slide them into the containers. The other ECSE teacher also has a three drawer sterlite container and we switch (a little less planning and availability to more materials!). 

Do you have a table time? If so, what are your favorite activities?!
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