I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. 
1. We tore paper, crumpled it into a ball and threw into the basket. 


2. My sister gave me two huge boxes of paint chips and so I have been coming up with some activities to do with these two huge boxes. Make sure to check back soon for some fun ideas!

3. We said the candy poem, counted how many candies and then stamped the number. You can find that here. 

 We have been practicing counting out objects 1-10. 

And one to one correspondence. 

4. We made our parents gifts. The morning class just glued the tissue paper and the pm class scrunched it up and glued it on for some extra fine motor practice.  You can grab the heart here. 

5. We identified the shape on the 'mail' and then we put it in the mailbox. 

We also painted with cookie cutter hearts. 

Listening to TMZ.

Loving the warm weather we have been having. It was 50 and sunny today. The kids were happy to get outside! 

Thinking about all I have to do at work...lots of IEPs, report cards, progress reports, and the list goes on.

Needing a vacation. I am mentally in a slump right now and I need to get out of it. 

Swooning over my newly painted bedroom and the molding that is finally up after a year and a half!

It is a light blue color and the white molding up finally makes the room complete. I love it! It used to be a dark tealy color and made the room feel small. Now it feels a lot bigger!

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