This year my whole pm class will be transitioning into Kindergarten. Many of these kiddos have been with me for three years and this is going to be a challenging transition for them. They are going to be going from 1/2 day to a full day program. Going from 12 students in the room to possibly 30 students. They are also going to be having to a different schedule daily because of different specials and they will not be with their peers that have been with for 2-3 years. LOTS of changes!!! Some of my kiddos I have already seen some of the anxiety about this change starting (crying because they don't want to go to kindergarten). 

So how do you help to ease this major transition?!

1. In my classroom we use cube chairs, but in March we have taken them away and are practicing sitting on the carpet. If the child needs the cube chair that day then they may definitely get it to use, but it is not something that is automatically there.

2. Getting rid of our rope to walk in and out of school with. We have started using hugs and bubbles and walking in a line to go to and from the bus. It is a little wavy, but we are working on it. 

3. During centers doing some work more independently. I am showing the students what to do then having them completing the work as much as possible by themselves with less prompting and help unless they request for it. 

4. Talking about kindergarten and some of the changes they will experience.

5. Setting up a time for the other school to visit and setting up a time for the child to go visit the school. 

6. Reading a social story about kindergarten. You can find one here. 

7. Making a book for that individual child talking about who their teacher is, their school name, who the speech path and other support staff are. You can find this freebie here. 

8. Reading books about kindergarten. 

Here are some of my favorites:

9. We also send visuals and binders with visuals regularly used in the classroom and found to be effective with the child. 
What are some ways that you help ease the transition to a new grade or program for your students?!

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