I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy between end of the year IEPs, end of the year assessing, and having two new kiddos starting, but we in between all of that we have also had fun learning all about zoo animals. Here are a few of the activities we have been up too!

1. Build a shape bear cookie tray activity. 
You can find this here. 

2. We have been working on printing more legibly. I love these Roll and Write activity mats from Ashley Hughes and so do the kids!

3. We made coffee filter peacocks and paper plate snails. The snails were also great cutting practice. 

3. We have been working on counting and printing numbers. We used these count, scan and write activity. They love using the qr scanner. 

We also counted the zoo animals and wrote how many. This is one of the activities from my Zoo-licious Literacy and Math Activities. 

4. We sorted worms by size and also created different patterns with them. 

5. We also practiced ordinal position. I found these free activities from Laura Martin. You can find them here.  

Next week we will be diving into talking about the ocean, which is one of my favorite themes of the year! Have a great Saturday!

A couple of months ago I talked about some of the changes I was doing after the consultant came into my classroom (you can read more about that here). So here are some of the things I created to meet the needs of my kiddos. 
I made a few different ways for the students to recite the ABC's. I have lots of little ones that love to sing the song and the flip chart is a great way for them to identify each letter as they sing.
ABC Flip Chart

Students place the farm pieces and animals in the correct place. Great to help those little ones that struggle to play independently. This provides some guidance and boundaries that they like. 
Farm Images

For a couple of my students table time is very overwhelming so to help those that find it very overwhelming this has reduced that anxiety and stress. 

Check out these great morning work binders from Ashton at the Special Education Station.  
Some of my kiddos were finding table time a little overwhelming and this has helped them a lot! I also love the suggestion of starting with full strips (abc and number) matching and cutting as they get better at doing it. Love it! 

 I made a binder cover and color and shape matching activity to also go in the binder.
Binder Cover and Color and Shape Sorting
Circle Time Folders. Before I had all of these items separated and it was a lot of collecting and passing out so now it is all in one place. Much easier. A few of my students still prefer the separate sheets and I give those to them, but most of the students use these folders now. You can grab these folders here. 

I made a mini schedule for my student to take with him. I had one previously that the child checked off the items, but he isn't able to do that and it helps for him to see the item completely gone. 
Mini Schedule Pics
I had center rotation sticks and have moved the pictures directly to the table because in my morning class my kids struggle to take the stick around the classroom with them. 
I have been using these, but had to update some of the favorite items. It is great because you can store all of the pics inside of the DVD case. 

I made visuals for my lanyard to keep them even more readily available. I got these free here

I also placed each of the students items into tubs. The tubs are on a rolling cabinet that I can easily move around to where the students are and may need these items. 

Some of these items were in place before, but just in a different way. So far I have found many of these changes to be very helpful for all of my students. not just the little one that the consultant observed. Have a great Wednesday!

I am linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday. Here is what I have been up to this month. 

Ethan started teeball. He is on the Detroit Tigers team!!!! :)
He is great a hitting the ball, but we need to work on running the bases. His first ever hit he ran to the pitcher's mound and not to first base. 

Madi turned two this month and her favorite present was her new bike! She is crazy fast on it and has no fear which scares me a little, but she loves it! I love this age and wish it could last forever!

This past month we visited the new Penguinarium at the Detroit Zoo. I definitely recommend it if you are in the area. It is the largest in the US and you can get super close to them. They also have the tanks that they swim over you and all around you. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to go back again. 

Most of my IEPs are done for the school year. Last week I had 14 IEPs, which was exhausting, but now I only have two more to go and then I am done! :)

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