Chh--chhh--changes! (I always think of the David Bowie song when I hear that word). 
For next year I have A LOT of changes that I want to make! Many are ones that are not that hard, but just take some prep time and some time for me to get built into my routine. 
As the summer progresses I will be blogging about the changes I plan to make and how I have prepared them. So stayed tuned (there will definitely be some freebies and giveaways in there too)! :)
Here is a look at the changes I want to make for next year. 

1. and 7. Sorting my work boxes by skill task. I have had a difficult time finding a really good system to organize them and so before the year starts I want to tackle that so I can meet my kiddos needs better! I am also going to start keeping data sheets on how they are doing on these skills since they correlate to their IEP Goals and to our report card. 

2. I want to change up my newsletter to include pictures or what we are doing in the classroom. This will be a great opportunity for parents to get ideas of activities to do with their kiddos too. 

3. I am going to start sending home a reading log. I plan on including this into my behavior calendar binder. The reading log I got was from Pocket of Preschool. Check it out here.

4. I created a question of the week in addition to our Is the letter ___ in your name question. Many of my students have answering questions in some form as an IEP goal so this will be a great way to work on the goal, as well as, monitor it. You can find that here. 

5. and 10 go together...I love the new core vocabulary board that our speech path introduced us too last month. I have already seen a HUGE improvement in speech and decrease in challenging behaviors because the kids have found the board as a way for them to communicate. I will blogging about that on June 27th...

6. Rearranging my room to have more defined space.
Here's a peek of my plans. I moved some of it around to make sure it would work and I think it will be awesome!

8. I am loving our new circle time mats! You can find out more about those here! You can find the folder here. 

9. I am changing my center schedule to make it a little more individualized for every student (I will be color coding it and making it movable).
So those are the things I will be working on this summer and as I check them off the list I will make sure to share them with you! Do you make a list of changes for the following year? I started the list in January as I got a lot of new students and their needs were very different from the other students I had. So I started keeping a list and here it is. 
Have a great Sunday!
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