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Since coming back from vacation I have finally painted our living room. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time! It is actually a light shade of gray (the picture make it look more tan). The kiddos even helped me out.

Although I feel like this summer is flying by! I did stop at Target and pick up a few items from the Dollar Spot. Some shape and number magnets, a new calendar, and a couple of puzzles and birthday certificates.

I have started prepping for next year. I have started getting my name matching for my new kiddos. 

Last, but not least I have been LOVING swimming eating popsicles and ice cream and just hanging out with these two! Lots of fun! 

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I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. This week was pretty chill at our house so I actually had some time to make some of the items on my list. 
Name matching. I make these for all of my kiddos. I made some of them for my new students starting in the fall. Make sure to color code them so that each child has their own color. :)

My aunt who was a special ed teacher for 37 years retired this year. She brought me over LOTS of goodies. She game me this file holder which I was going to be buying one this year to help keep track of my IEPs to do, incoming students to screen, etc. Her's was still in great condition but was lacking some color so I added some extra fabric to it. 

I made my contact information magnets. I have not made them in a couple of years, but I thought I should start doing it again. I just print out labels with the information, add the stickers to old magnets I have and then give them out at Open House. Very easy, but very helpful for parents to find those important phone numbers. 

I repainted the living room a couple of weeks ago and have slowly been trying to freshen up the look of it. It has been quite the process to say the least. We have a mantle/ shelf above our tv and was looking for something fun to decorate it with besides the many lego creations and missing pieces to games and puzzles so I made these spheres out of embroidery hoops. You just stain them and piece them together however you like. I love them and they are way cheaper to make than purchase! I think these cost me about $5 total and I had the stain from some previous projects. 

You can see how to make them here. They are very easy! Now I am on the hunt for a clock or some wall art to place in the middle of the mantle. We will see what I can find. 

Anyways, have  a great Monday and thanks for stopping by! :)

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