I have a few new work box activities for my kiddos this fall. In my afternoon class I have a large range of skills among my students so I wanted to make sure to have a little bit of everything for all of them to be challenged. 

Missing Numbers. Students will place the missing number dots in the spaces. There are also pattern dots that I need to laminate. 

Subtracting dots. Students can also use dry erase markers to cross out some of the dots if they need additional help. 

Addition Dots. 

Counting out dots 1-10.

Color Clip Cards. Clipping the items that have the same color. 

Clipping the color of the item. 

Students clip what size the dots are.

Students will clip the dot with the same face as on the picture. 

You can find the Dotty Work Box tasks here.
You can find the Color Clip Activities here

 I saw this saying and just LOVE it! I made one and sprayed the frame aqua blue for our hallway. 

This 3D Wall Art my husband even likes, which is saying a lot. It is made out of straws. You can read more about how to make it here from This is Our Bliss. She made her's black, but I used 

I LOVE this spray paint! I have used it for many different projects!

I was looking for something to put in the middle and I didn't want to spend a lot. I couldn't find any wall art or clocks that was sticking out to me so I made this.

 For the classroom I made this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Game board. This idea came from The Many Little Joys. 

This alphabet skills game is perfect for preschoolers and is a great extension activity to go along with the beloved book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
To make it a little more challenging I mixed up the letters, but you can do it either way. 

Have a great Monday and check out Fourth Grade Frolics for more Monday Made It ideas!

Today I am going to share my circle time folders. This is something we came up with last year. Last year I had individual sheets for the abc's, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. and it was a bit overwhelming. So we condensed everything down to one manila folder that they can hold throughout the entire circle time.The students' point to each of the skills as we do them. 
This back page is not available as it is from another resource, but if you have that song it comes in the CD pamphlet.
You grab this freebie here
This is a much easier way than having a separate sheet for all of the items and it takes a lot less time to hand out one folder versus multiple papers. 
Check out The Bender Bunch for more freebies!

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