I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 

1. Well, my classroom is in the process of being completed. You can check it out here. 

2. Ethan has been loving all of my maze activities I have created. I made them for him because he loves to do mazes. You can check the ABC ones here

There are number ones here.

And I just finished some shapes ones here.

3. Ethan has also been loving these number mats I made. You can find those here.

4. This is my last week off before starting screener next week so I have been enjoying the pool and we made a trip to the zoo to see the new baby giraffe. 

5. You can grab these fun shape posters free here.

 Shape Posters Freebie

Have a great weekend!

So just warning my room isn't completely done. Unfortunately a few things that were supposed to be repaired or completed weren't so you may need to envision some of it. I start screener this Monday and won't be able to get back into my room until our meetings the last week of August. 
Anyways, here we go.
Here is my circle time area. There are cube chairs for all the kiddos if needed. 

In the back I have made a little 'closet' area to store our large gross motor items, some of the large toys that students love to run to, and my work box storage. All of the items in front of that area will be getting moved to the back and the items on the one rolling cabinet will also get moved back there. 

The kitchen area has also been changed to have less items out because a lot of things were being pushed over and too much sensory overload for my kiddos. 

This year we are going to be having a break area underneath the bulletin board. I chose here so I can see my students at all times and my aid can see me to know if someone else needs to be called and just as a second set of eyes. A few of my shelves are mobile so they can be moved to block the student from the other student's eye sight, but not mine. 

This year I actually kept up my bulletin boards to save me some time. Since I go back two weeks before our start day and I was not sure if I would have a lot of time in my room I left the boards up and I am glad I did. 

Our sign in area. This year I am also going to have students write their name after they provide me with their personal information. 

Calendar...I put tags up labeling the color,shape, and letter of the week. Find them here.
 I also found these adorable color posters for free here
I also made these free shape posters. You can grab them here

I am going to be using a new center rotation. The green smiles will be pictures of my kiddos. There will be four strips of velcro. students will pull their strip and go to the first center (they will match the picture to the one near that center). Then, students will rotate through the centers moving their strip as they go. You can find the rotation pictures here. 

Up at the front are my classroom rules and sorting pictures of green and red choices. You can find those here.

You can find the classroom rules here. 

I also will be putting up visual reminder cue pictures on the felt once the kiddos start. 

We have two circle times and for the second we always say a poem related to the theme. 
Below that you can see the I can statements used for preschool.

You can find that here.

I had my teacher desk removed. Now I have some tubs that can be moved as needed.

I made a teacher work box to hold all of my supplies. I also got a few magnetic spice holders to hold some paperclips and pushpins from IKEA on the file cabinet.

At the bottom I have a file folder with each day of the week for two weeks. The activities/ papers to be done with my kiddos at my center are going to be stored there. There is also going to be an extra work folder in case of an emergency and there is a sub.

Here is the 'closet' area. The storage drawers on top of the yellow cabinet are where the work box items are going to be stored by topic. You can find those labels here.

Here is my work box rotation cards that students match to their work boxes. Just waiting to add the clips with the kiddos pictures.

Every year I do a Transportation theme for a couple of weeks in the winter. This year however, I  I am going to be doing just a construction theme. I have mostly boys and I am sure they will love all of the construction vehicles and tools. 

My construction packet is my most popular packet and this summer I updated it! 
There are a lot more activities and there the graphics have all been updated. Here are a couple of the new activities. 

You can find this packet here.  There are 208 pages! (almost doubled in size!)

There are some new sorting activities, more vocabulary activities, beginning sound activities, and matching activities. Something for all ability levels. 

I also created some adapted books with a construction theme. There are five books in this resource. 

I cannot wait to do these activities with my kiddos this winter! Have a great Monday!

My kiddos love and need the sensory bin. It is great for increasing language, working on social skills (sharing, talking to each other), practicing academic skills and gives them the necessary sensory input they need. I have themed sensory bins and one of the favorite themes is our first one...back to school. 
It is shredded paper and items that the students will be using on a regular basis (scissors, crayons, erasers, gluesticks, etc.) When I use this bin I have my aid show the students how to use it appropriately and they will either pick out items and record them on the recording sheet or she will ask them to find an item, say the item and record it on their recording sheet. You can find the recording sheet here. 

One of our end of the year sensory tubs I made this summer is a yarn and ribbon sensory tub. I am going to be using this at the end of the year and putting watermelon letters in there for the students to match up. 
You can grab the watermelon letter match up here

What are your kiddos favorite sensory bins? 

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