The first week of school I don't usually start work boxes. I wait a week or two to see what the kiddos can do independently and to see the dynamic of the class. Since my pm class is all returning kiddos I have some ideas as to what they can do. So I put these together, but they may still be changed. 

You can grab this freebie here

The Bubblegum Activities can be found here. 

You can find these free patterns at The Connection We Share. 

Make sure to check out Target right now for lots of erasers for $1. Great for sorting by color! 

Workbasket Wednesday Linkup for Structured Work Systems and Independent Work Systems
Check out the Autism Classroom News for more ideas!

How to Organize All the Activities?!
I got a binder, placed the lesson plans in it and then will get pockets to place the materials behind the lesson plans. You can grab the cover here. 

What Do the Lesson Plans Look Like?

The activities should be 5-15 minutes. So the beginning of the week is very basic. The book listed, the song and on Thursday we review it. Wednesday and Friday we made activity days because we have an extra set of hands in our classroom that day. 

You can find my lesson plans here. 

If you are interested in these activities I have created them here. 

Core Word Activities for:
 I, like, not, want

What Do It Do? Book Directions: Print book on cardstock and laminate. Bind together. Read to students and have students use their core board to point to I as you read. While reading you can point to the core board too.

•Do You Like It? Cards- print on cardstock and laminate. Cut apart. Have students point to I like or I don’t(not) like

• That’s Not My Book Directions: print book on cardstock and laminate. Have students point to not on their board as you read the book. While reading you point to the core board too.

Books: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Going on a Bear Hunt, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Songs: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Wants to Ride a Trolley, You Can't Always Get What You Want, I Like to Be with My Family

There are a variety of these food songs you can try with your kiddos!

I will let you know how this goes with my kiddos next week! 

Here are some of my favorite items from the Dollar Store and the different uses you can do. 
I love the big colorful tubs! They are great for storing student's favorite items. 

I love their baskets. These are great for putting in scissors or materials that student's may be using. 

I love these storage tubs for the same reason. Great to put manipulatives in or items that are going to be needed for a craft. 

They also have these leaves which I put the letters on and students rake up a letter. (rake also found there). 

I found these fun eyeball balls and pumpkin ice cube trays. You can put letters or numbers on them for ABC order, one to one correspondence, number order, and/ or counting out up to 10. 

I found these cards that say same or different. I marked what activity I wanted my kiddos to do by showing same (two blue ovals) or different (at the bottom one diamond, one oval) and students will clip which ever is designated on the card. 

What are some of your favorite dollar store finds?!

1. Well, all of our IEPs are done and went well! :)  Next week we are starting school! 
2. I loved Differentiated Kindergarten's fine motor tub idea and made my own. We will be using ours a little differently. Parents will have to request to take it home. We have had problems about items not being returned or damaged in the past and so this way if they are requesting it then I know the parents really want to do the activities with their kiddos and should complete them with their child. 
3. Last weekend we finally got to the Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium by us. The kids loved it! 

4. I finally got around to organizing my freezer which was driving me crazy! I got the tubs from Target thanks to the idea from iheartorganizing!

5.  Have a great weekend!

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