I was asked to review Kwik Stix and I was very excited to do so. I LOVE these and so do the kids!
Kwik Stix® Tempera Paint, 24pk - Multicolor
Kwik Stix® Tempera Painting Kit, 3pk - 18 Neon Colors
Kwik Stix® Tempera Painting Kit, 3pk - 18 Metallic Colors
Why do we love them so much?
1. The colors are vibrant!
2. They are mess free! (they dry in less than 90 seconds!).
3. The are easy for my little ones to use.
4. They require little prep (no paint brushes, smocks, or water).
5. You can now buy them at Target!!!!
There are basic colors, neon colors, and Metalix!
Here are some activities you can make with them!

We painted our Brown Bear animals and will be retelling the story with them. 

With the holidays approaching, these would also be great as stocking stuffers!
Definitely check them out! :)
Kwik Stix® Tempera Paint, 24pk - Multicolor

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday!
1. This week was a LONG week, but I have survived and can finally put my feet up! We had Halloween, dentist appointments for my two kiddos, two days and nights of conferences, and the ASD consultant visited my room! But I made it and I can finally relax!

2. We started reviewing colors and shapes. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and used Kwik Stix to paint the animals for retelling the story. We also did some other corresponding Brown Bear activities that you can find here. 

3. We also read Dog's Colorful Day. We used the story board while reading the story and then retold the stories at centers with this fun interactive mat. You can find out more about these here. 

4. I also brought out the instruments for the kiddos to explore. They loved these!  

5. Now time to relax!!!! Have a great weekend!

Look Like: Done at table time or for early finishers or for free play time. We have a smartboard we use at centers (do mat man on it) and we have iPads that we use to play games on there. 
Another way for students to reinforce academic and language skills.
Social interaction by taking turns, requesting wants and needs, and sharing the item. 
We love using the QR scanner in my classroom. You can grab this scan and color the shape qr scanner freebie here.
If your kiddos like that you can also check out these other fun qr activities.
Grab scan and color the shapes qr scanner activity for free here.
My kiddos also love using the Smartboard. If you have a smartboard check out the smartboard exchange for lots of free goodies.
You can also use starfall on the smartboard, which is great!
This matman activity is free on the smartboard exchange. 
My kiddos also LOVE Favorite Apps

PBS Kids
ABC/ 123 Ninja
ABC Mouse Songs
Endless Alphabet
Tiny Hands Apps
Fisher Price Apps
Little Writer
Lego Apps

For links to these apps click here.

Teacher Role: facilitate students in using the apps or doing the activity, limit the time, and encourage the students to take turns, share, and communicate their wants and needs.

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