What does it look like?
Literacy is integrated into the majority of our day. From the moment the students walk in and start table time there are literacy activities whether it be lacing abc beads, using magnets on the magnetic board, or building the letters. During circle time we have a letter of the week and review that as well as all of the letters then too. This is also when we read a book whole group. Literacy is also incorporated into our fine motor center (writing their name, identifying letters that they put on their chicka, chicka boom boom tree) and into the academic center. Every Wednesday we do activities directly related to our letter of the week. You can read about the specific activities I do on Wednesdays here. I also do lots of vocabulary and literacy activities at my center daily. Many of these activities are teacher directed. 

Increase language skills to be able to express their wants and needs.
Improve cognitive development and to be able to answer and ask questions.
Socialize with their peers and teachers. 
In ECSE we are trying to improve their pre-emerging literacy skills (letter identification, letter sounds)  in preparation of reading and writing. 
Increase comprehension and to be able to follow directions. 
Recognize signs and different environmental print that is important to the child. 

Materials Needed:


Teacher Role?
Introduce students to different types of literacy (books, activities, environmental print, etc). Offer many opportunities for students to learn literacy in a variety of settings. Make sure to incorporate all learning styles into literacy so all students can be reached. 

This year we are still working on lots of matching and sorting and increasing our fine motor skills. 

My kiddos love sorting tasks and they are easy to make! 
Below there are sorting pom poms by color, sorting spools by size, sorting straws by color, sorting shoes by color (find that freebie here), sorting zoo animals and ocean animals, and a sorting seasonal items. 

My kiddos will also be matching abc blocks in the ice cube tray. 

I got this puzzle at Target.

Lace the pieces of felt on to the ribbon to make snake. 

Matching Color mittens from Life Over C's and matching brown bear pictures and color words. 

Last but not least transportation shadow matching from Busy Little Bugs.

Have a great Wednesday!

I was asked to review Kwik Stix and I was very excited to do so. I LOVE these and so do the kids!
Kwik Stix® Tempera Paint, 24pk - Multicolor
Kwik Stix® Tempera Painting Kit, 3pk - 18 Neon Colors
Kwik Stix® Tempera Painting Kit, 3pk - 18 Metallic Colors
Why do we love them so much?
1. The colors are vibrant!
2. They are mess free! (they dry in less than 90 seconds!).
3. The are easy for my little ones to use.
4. They require little prep (no paint brushes, smocks, or water).
5. You can now buy them at Target!!!!
There are basic colors, neon colors, and Metalix!
Here are some activities you can make with them!

We painted our Brown Bear animals and will be retelling the story with them. 

With the holidays approaching, these would also be great as stocking stuffers!
Definitely check them out! :)
Kwik Stix® Tempera Paint, 24pk - Multicolor

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