The holidays are a crazy time for teachers and students alike. With Santa approaching and lots of special activities in December planned at school and home the kiddos seem to be bouncing off the walls and ready for a break. Then, you have to plan for your holiday party, which also adds to the chaos!
Here are some tips to make it a little easier!

When we have parties I keep my schedule the same as much as possible. We usually sing a few songs until most parents arrive and then we start centers. I still run three centers and the parents rotate around with the students. This is also a great opportunity for parents to see what the kiddos do everyday. It also keeps the students calmer because they know what is next.

I keep just three centers just like we normally have. We have a snack activity, a fine motor craft, and a play center (this may be play-doh or cars and trucks). 

Here are some of our past party activities:

We made walking S'mores and holiday sensory bottles. 

We made reindeer hats and reindeer snack mix. 

If you allow parents to send in treats for the class ask them to send it in right away. That way you can put one or have the children put one in each of the students mailboxes and then they can go straight into the backpacks. It helps eliminate some of the chaos when all the adults are in the classroom.

Good luck with your parties and have fun!

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