With the new year quickly approaching here are some things I will be doing in the classroom at the start of this year. 

2 Things I am going to try in my room: shared writing daily activities and sensory room rotations for those kiddos that are too overwhelmed and can't figure out what to do.

1 Thing I will do better is my vocabulary core board time. It have been very inconsistent with using it and want to make sure I am setting aside 10-15 min. daily to do it.

With new kiddos coming in January the sensory room time split into the start and end of the day have been great for my kiddos!

7 Tips
1. classroom management- make sure to enforce it and revisit often!
2. Have a set routine for transitions- whether it be a sound, make it visible to the kiddos
3. have a defined calm down area- my kiddos know where their safe place is and they know they can go to it at anytime.
4. Get your kiddos up and moving with songs, GoNoodle, or some yoga. It re-energizes them and gets them ready to focus!
5. with my own kiddos home have easily accessible sub plans available and easy to read and use! You never know when you may have to be out.
6 and 7. Have fidgets and flexible seating available to all students! Again it helps with focus. 

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