Classroom Organization: Digital Files

I will be honest this is one area that I am still working on organizing better!

I have some folders by year of activities done. I do the same on my home computer. 

On my home computer I save my newsletters by the month and date (that Monday) and I save my lesson plans by year, month, date.

For the next school year I edit the previous year's and resave it as the date for the new year, month, date and I do the same with the newsletters.

I should probably save the activities done by month as my themes do not change too much, but I just have them all in one folder and I have a hard copy and I look that up in my school year folders to find the activities.

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  1. Hi! I save some things on different folders just in case I need them there too..I know, crazy! My computer folders are organized for the most part, but I have duplicates everywhere :)


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