Five for Sunday

I meant to post this on Friday and it just didn't happen and now it Sunday! Time flies!
Anyways, here was my very long, crazy week!
1. So this past week was definitely not one of the best for me! Madi has been sick since the first week of December with multiple things and Monday was her first day back to school since before break. Well, at 1:30pm I got a call and she was running a high fever. Fortunately my principal was able to grab someone to cover my room and I was able to pick her up. I took her to the dr and by the time we got there her fever was 103.3 and she had the flu and we had gotten the flu shot! Ugh! So all this week she had to stay home and fortunately between my husband and my dad I only had to take one day off. So much for a calm week! 
Then, on Tuesday this is what my morning drive looked like...

3.5 inches of snow and because we were going to get rain the same day there was no snow plows to be seen. So my normal 25 min. drive turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. On the way home it was sleeting and once again was over an hour home. 

2. On a happier note because we did have snow we got to paint it with watercolors and pipettes! 

3. We also had fun using the core vocab boards to ask for help. We had a container that they couldn't open and they would have to show us help on their core vocab board and then we would help them open it. Inside there were little change purses with small items that they also needed help opening. Great way to reinforce the word help on the core vocab board!

4. I joined Simple Living Mama's Declutter challenge. I have been trying to declutter and have a more minimalistic outlook. We have a small house and definitely will not be moving anytime soon and it is amazing how much comes with having two kiddos! Less stuff has also really helped decrease my  anxiety at work and home! If interested check it out here. 

5. Happy MLK Day off! We have an eye appt. for Ethan, but other than that it should be a relaxing day!

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  1. I had the very same drive that Tuesday with NO SNOWPLOWS in evidence! I couldn't believe it! Nothing had been plowed! What were they thinking?? I swear I slid to school with my tires never touching the ground as evidence by the constantly blinking traction control hazard light. I was SO thankful to finally arrive at school in one piece! Winter in Michigan COULD be helped by a little plowing! Hang in! Kathleen


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