Classroom Organization: Small Group

I spoke about how I keep my notes last week. Check that out here.

To rotate the students I have individual schedules that they take around with them to the center that matches (color coded). Their pictures are velcroed on to the schedule. The groups never stay the same. Depending on how that child is doing that day or the activity we are doing at the language or fine motor center I may change the children's rotation to be paired with peers that are at the same level or that get along better. Having the pictures velcroed works great! The kids have all been very receptive to this system (it is my first year using it) and it makes for easier transitions from center to center. 

At each center their are core vocabulary boards available (individual or large).

I keep my materials that we will be using in small tub. Off to the side I also have a small sensory tub that if we finish activities early I can quickly grab and the kiddos can play with. 

I keep my checklist of the activity and hjow the kids did on a clipboard so I am able to record the information very quickly and easily.

Also, at each area are the preschool I can statements with pictures and next to it what standards in the curriculum is being covered. This is great for new people that are coming into know what we will be doing. You can grab this freebie here. 

Check out PreK Partner and Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers for more great ideas on organizing small groups. 

Do you have any great ways that you organize centers or small group that makes it run smoothly?


  1. This organization is AWESOME! I have such a creative brain and I feel like organization is what I struggle with the most. Not just in the classroom, but at home too! lol I find it difficult to grasp the concept that "everything has a specific place". It seems overwhelming for some reason. haha Thank you for sharing all of this!

  2. Wow. I love all of your ideas. I struggle to stay organized, but you've inspired me. Thank you.

  3. Great ideas! I also struggle with organization-type B/C:) Thanks for inspiring me!


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