Core Vocab Work Boxes Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared some core vocabulary work boxes and here are some more. You can check out part I here. 

So far my kiddos have been doing great with these and they have really been helping with reinforcing certain words. 

For positional words there is a mini book and students look at the picture and put the manipulative in the place that the book says (in, out, on, off).

For the Make students will need legos to make the lego building in the picture. 

He vs. She sort students will sort the pictures by girl vs. boy. 

Eat vs. Drink there are cards or you can look at the pictures or real items and sort by what they can eat or drink. 

Good vs. bad behavior sort students will look and decide if the child(ren) are making happy or sad choices. 

Students will sort the stars by same vs. different. 

This you can use large beads or small beads and pipe cleaners and students will put on or take off a certain amount of beads. 

How many? can be used two counting the gumballs or by counting pom poms in a small container and place the correct number on the container or in the book. 

Look! Does the object light up and is a good one to LOOK at or not?

Help! I can't open the box or change purse. Request help! This is great because the kiddos have to learn to take the initiative to ask for help.

Last, but not least turn. Students are given screws that they turn to put the other piece on and then put it in the all done tub. 

You can find all these tasks and the books that go with them here. 

Do you have any core vocab work box tasks you love or a task that couldn't easily be turned into a work box task? If so, I would love to hear about it!

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