Flower Shop Dramatic Play

Every month I try to change up the dramatic play area to something different and since the weather has been so bitterly cold out we needed to bring some spring inside. 

This month's dramatic play is a Flower Shop. 

Here are some of the items I have out for the students to use: 
The students have an I want... flowers to request to their classmates what color and how many flowers or a checklist students can circle their requests. There is a sample receipt and cards. 

There are stamps, envelopes and paper for the students to write their own letters to go with the flowers. 

There are also vases and baskets for the students to place the flowers in (all bought from the Dollar Store). 

I cannot wait for the kids to try this one out! They will definitely love it!

Flower Shop Early Childhood Dramatic Play

Have a great weekend!

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