Kwik Stix Fun

I was asked to review the new thin Kwik Stix and my kids were super excited to try them out. We love Kwik Stix! They are quick drying, a variety of colors, very vibrant and mess free (which I LOVE)! 

I first tried out the thin Kwik Stix with my own kids at home. My kids loved them! We colored many animals with them!

We painted many animals with them and decorated my son's door with our paintings. 

With my kids at school I pulled them out for our letter of the week writing practice. The kids LOVED them! They were excited to use them because it was a new writing material to try out. 

They were very easy for the kids to hold and there are a variety of colors for the kids to choose from. 

We will definitely be using these again soon for writing to mix it up from using markers, crayons, or pencils. Make sure to check them out here on Amazon!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cool! It's good to know more new product. Thanks for sharing.


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