Show and Tell Tuesday

I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday! 

We have been exploring geoboards and have been spelling our names with them. 

One of the volunteers in our classroom made these fun sensory blankets for some of our kiddos! They love them and they are great fidgets for circle time because they are quiet! :)

A couple of weeks ago we signed Ethan up for Kindergarten! I cannot believe he will be going into Kindergarten! I am so not ready! 

Madi started dance class. She loves it! She is doing tap and ballet!

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  1. That's a great idea, to have your kids spell their names with geoboards! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. I wish I had more geoboards! Over the years the kiddos have broken too many of the pegs, so my supply is down... we could only write five letter names :-/ Great idea though, just to make all the alphabet letters... and numbers, too. See you later. Kathleen


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