Why I Love Morning Messages

I love morning messages! They are easy to do and a great way to start off the day! You can also review lots of skills very quickly and they are engaging for students. Morning messages I have used when I taught Kindergarten and even now in ECSE.

Here are some of the skills you can practice:

Days of the week, counting money, writing a letter,

weather, rhyming words,

ABC order and identification,

counting and getting to know you activities for your kids. 

You can also practice beginning sounds, 

discuss feelings and why you feel that way, 

counting out items, identifying colors,

creating patterns, identifying patterns,

and share who is the special helper and something special about them. 

You can also have students try to figure out what is in the pocket based off clues given. 

You can also work on sight words, punctuation, and letter identification.

They are a great way to start off the morning and you can get the kids involved in it all by giving them clipboards and paper or dry erase board and markers and have students write the missing letters or sight words, or items missing in the message. 

You can find all of these activities in one Mega Bundle here for 1/2 off for the weekend or separate ones here.

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  1. Great resources! I bet your kids love being in your classroom. <3


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