Show and Tell Tuesday

I am linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday April edition!

I updated my blog and love the new design and was thrilled with how easy it was to do! 

We had spring break the first week of April and sadly I was sick with the stomach flu, Ethan got pneumonia, and Madi's allergies were awful, but we did go to my cousin's wedding. 

The weekend of Easter we got to go to Bunnyville at the zoo and did get to dye Easter eggs. The kids loved both!

I will be honest I have been lacking creativity lately. I think I am just ready for some warm weather and some real relaxation minus sickness and bad weather. I did get the opportunity to make these fun new bingo daub numbers 1-10. I am going to be doing these with my PM kiddos this week. 

Make sure to link up to share what you have been up too!


  1. Ugh! Why is it every time we get a break, we get sick! Me, too! Such a bummer. Well, at least you didn't need to go in. And you know, we're in the home stretch now!! Take care. Kathleen

  2. Your blog looks great, and the pictures of your kiddos are sweet! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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