Classroom Visual Schedules

We use a variety  of classroom schedules throughout the day. 
They are great because your students can begin to predict what is coming up and if there is a change in a schedule it helps to ease that transition. 
It shows students what is expected of them and what they are working for. 

1. Large Visual Schedule

This schedule is used with the whole class. 

2. Individual Schedule. 
These pictures are the same as the large visual schedule and this smaller schedule is used with students that need it. 
3. Center Schedules
This has eased the transition of centers! Students know that they will get to the play center (yellow) and depending on the day the groups of students can be grouped according to the activity and how they will most likely do in it. Also, if a student is having a rough day I try to make the play center last so their other work is completed first. 

4. Work Box Schedule
Student pictures match up to their work box and they can independently get the card and match it to the work box to be completed. 

5. While at centers students can understand what tasks are done in order to complete the whole activity. It provides a step by step of what is expected. These strips are kept on a dvd case and the pieces are all kept inside. 

You can find these pictures here. 

6. Table Time Schedule.
For students that struggle to choose an activity in an unstructured time these schedules help them a lot to complete the activities. 

7. Playground Visual Schedule
For some of my students the playground is very overwhelming because of all the students running around and instead of playing they just run around or just watch. By having a schedule for them they are able to play and it provides some structure for them. I let the students choose the activities they want to do and then they complete them. 

What visual schedules do you use in your  classroom that work really well?!


  1. Good post, you really did good job here and I really liked the idea. Hope all the teachers use it to make schedule. Thanks for sharing it with us

  2. I am associated with teaching profession and I must say I found this good idea for my class. Going to practice the same and hopefully kids will love it as well


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