Core Vocabulary Activities for Home

In order for students to understand how to use core vocabulary boards it needs to be done as much as possible. In school it needs to be done at as many opportunities as possible, but parents at home also need to use it with their kiddos. 
What we did this year was provide core vocabulary boards to the parents in November after we had the opportunity to work with the students on it. We encouraged parents to use it as often as possible, however, we did not give specific activities on how to use it. So this coming year I plan on giving weekly activity ideas that will correspond with the word/s we are working on that week. 
Here are the activities included in the Core Vocabulary Activities for Home
There is a welcome note (three options) explaining to parents how to do the activities and use the core vocabulary board. 

There is a packet of all the activities that you can give to students that enter in the middle to the end of the year so they do not miss out any of the activities or they can be done during the summer. 

There is a song and book list. 

For each core vocabulary word there is an activity and there is the option to have parents practice that word for the week and return the bottom slip. 

The core vocabulary boards are NOT included so that you can send home the board that you use with your students. 

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  1. These are really good activities to arrange at home for kids. Going to share this post with my married friends, hope they will love it. Thank you for sharing it


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