Curriculum Map for ECSE and Preschool

I updated my Curriculum Map for myself and I thought I would share it all with you! You can find it here.
I updated it to be more user friendly for myself and for you! 
Included are ideas for themes for each month, as well as, sensory bin ideas and dramatic play ideas. 
 The themes are done for 1-2 weeks and can be done longer if you choose. The biggest thing to remember is this is a rough outline. Listen to your students interests and if they are struggling with something continue to work on it and if they are doing a lot better than anticipated move ahead! Also, you may choose to do one theme for 3 weeks and the next year do another theme because the students may be with you 2-3 years and you want to mix it up. 

(sensory bin suggestions)

Some activities continue through out the year. My ABC Mega Pack I use throughout the year. I do my letters in alphabetical order, but I know others prefer to introduce them by sound. There a variety of activities to differentiate as needed and also if you have students for 2-3 years there are more than enough to share with them!

ABC Mega Pack

Also, social stories are used throughout the year as needed. Some of the social stories we use at the start of the school year as some of our read alouds, but others I introduce as I see needed. 

Social Story Bundle

Core Vocabulary Activities are also done daily and I am continuing to add to it. 

Let's Get Talking! Core Vocabulary Board Activities for ECSE
I also included Journal Writing Topics. I am going to start this at the end of the day daily next school year.The great thing about these are you just have to buy 10 per page labels and you can peel and stick them into their writing journal!
Journal Topics for Preschool and ECSE

I had a request for the entire curriculum map materials to be in one large bundle. You can click below to find that. 
There are also smaller bundles (seasonal, holiday, all year long, dramatic play, etc.) you may want to check out. You can find all of the bundles available here. 
Curriculum Map Activities Mega Pack for ECSE and Preschool
If there is anything more you would like to see or any questions you may have please let me know!

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