DIY Items for the Special Ed. Classroom

There are many items you purchase frequently that you can reuse in your classroom for projects, sensory bottles, sensory activities, and for storage. 
1. Water Bottles
They can be made into sensory bottles.
2. Milk Jug
Can be made into a put-in task.
3. Cool Whip or other small containers
Put in tasks with small balls or pom poms.
4. Clear OJ, Apple Juice, or Water containers
Large Sensory Bottles or Weighted Containers

5. Scraps of Wrapping Paper
Great for cutting practice or can be used in the dramatic play area at the Holidays or for Birthdays or a Post Office theme.
6. Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls 
Painting Tubes
Color Sorting Tubes
Rolling Pins
7. Bubble Wrap
A great sensory item in the calm down area (pop the bubble wrap)
Painting (place on the paper towel roll with tape and roll in paint and then on to the paper)
8. Boxes/Cardboard
Great for painting!
Or great for dramatic play themes (post office, holiday, birthday).
9. Clear Sandwich Containers 
Great for small storage (mini erasers, googly eyes, pom poms).

10. Plastic Baby Food Containers 
Great for work box tasks for sorting buttons, pom poms
11. Baby Puff Containers 
Great for put in tasks
12. Pringles Cans
Great for sorting straws by color or other put in tasks.

12. Square Tissue Boxes
Used for painting squares

Sorting by same or different

or as Fine Motor practice task

13. DVD cases into first/ then cards and holders

What items from home have you made into something else for your classroom?

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