This and That

Here are a few random things we have done in my classroom that I thought I would share that have not really fit into any other posts. 

Here is a fun and easy way to sort shapes with beanbags.

Hammering golf tees is great for fine motor practice and the kids LOVE it!

Count and clip frogs. Another great fine motor activity and easy to make!

Here are some go together and category cards great for work boxes or independent tasks. Check them out here.

These ABC Peas are a great supplement to LMNO Peas book. Students match them up and then clip them together. You can find it here.

                                                                        LMNO Peas

Here is another easy ABC activity to make. Clip the upper and lower case socks.

I hope you got some fun ideas of activities to try in the classroom and are easy to make or do. :)

Have a great Saturday! 

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  1. I am loving this post. It is really colourful and lively. Looks like a lot of fun also. Thankyou for sharing this with us. Keep up the good job. Well done.


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