Grocery Store Dramatic Play

Next year in October/November I am going to set up a grocery store in our dramatic play area. 
Here is what is going to be included in it. 

To introduce the area I am first going to have it be a Farmer's Market. We will just have fruits and vegetables out. 

 Initially I will be having the student's match the food and then sort the foods by fruit or vegetable.

For my nonverbal and young students I am going to have a board with all the foods available to buy and they will create their list by pulling the foods off the board and then go find them. 

Students will pull off the food and match it to the one in the tub and then put it in their cart or bag. 

There are tags to have student's have a designated role and job. 

There is a deli and bakery option to the grocery store as well. 

If students are ready to 'write' a list there is an option for that as well.

Since Thanksgiving is in November I have also included a  Thanksgiving Grocery list for students to check off the items as they collect them.

When students are ready to check out they can go to the cashier and the cashier will scan the items and count how many items they collect and write that number on the receipt. 

If you are interested in the Grocery Store Dramatic Play you can check it out here.                                                 
                                      Grocery Store Dramatic Play

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  1. Love your blog. So many great and fun ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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