Parent Communication

1. Have a folder that goes back and forth with the child to review the child's day.
We got the behavior folder template from
A Cupcake for the Teacher
Her behavior calendar is editable. Here is what ours look like.
Since we have a morning and afternoon class we have color coded the folders and the materials. Morning is red and afternoon is blue.
It is quick and easy and on the day that there is an issue I also try to send an e-mail or call the parent but if I can't at least the parents know what was going on.  

We also provide optional homework for the parents to do with their children. 

This past year we included a monthly homework from Pocket of Preschool. 

We also include monthly homework that students get at the beginning of the year the whole list so as they accomplish a skill parents can work on the next thing. This is also great because as children enter throughout the year they can find activities to do throughout the year. You can find this freebie here.

Next year I will also be including Core Vocabulary Board homework. 

There is a welcome letter.

Directions for each word.

Overview of all activities.

Song and Book list for words. 

We try to encourage parents to also do the activities we are doing in the classroom for the students to get extra practice and this also keeps parents in the loop of what is going on. 

2. Weekly Newsletters.
 In the weekly newsletter I make sure to make it readable for all parents (lots of bullets and to the point).
 include weekly theme, core vocabulary board being worked on, activities completed in class, books read, songs or poems sang with words so parents can also practice with their child, and any other activities to practice with their child (at beginning of the year this is a lot of self-help skills- putting on backpack, coat, putting items in backpack, etc.).

3. I also send home when a child is a special helper so that way their child can tell the parents about what they did on their special day.
4. Remind App
I send parents reminders about show and tell, half days, and/ or conferences. A lot of parents have expressed how much they like getting the reminder about show and tell or the half days and I have seen more students coming to school and bringing items in more quickly. 
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