Kacey is back with five for Friday so here is what I have been up to the last couple of weeks! 

1. My in-laws were in for winter break and this is what sums up my break...lots of take out and messes from four kiddos running around everywhere! It was fun, but I am happy to be back to my boring, routine life! 

2. We played with animals in the water. All the kids loved it!

We also played in shaving cream and practiced drawing shapes, letters, and numbers. 

3. I finally had the chance to do some work and made this fun monster sensory bin activities. Check them out here. 

 I also made these color and counting snow cone mats. You can grab this freebie here

4. I also am in the process of making core vocab work boxes. Those will be coming soon! 

5. We reviewed our core vocab boards by requesting "I do". The question would be posed "Who wants to put (piece) on Mr. Potato Head? and the kiddos would have to point to "I do". They loved building the potato head!  

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