Our portfolios look a little different then some other preschool/ kindergarten ones. 

Since I have some of my kiddos for up to 3 years I mark a manila folder with their name and whether they are in the am or pm class and if it is their first, second, or third year. At the start of the school year I print all of our report card assessments and place them in the folders. 

For some students, they require a lot of extra documentation (tally charts, anecdotal notes, behavior calendars, etc.) if they are going to be getting placed into a different program or need extra services when they go to gen. ed. If this is the case I have a separate folder with all of these notes regularly available. 

During the school year I keep documentation on a lot of students (everything from behavior, new words they have said or positive progression or regression I see, favorite items, things students would for or did not work, interventions tried). I start this almost as soon as I meet the children. I keep these all in a word document. There name is at the top and I date it for when I made the observation. When the child moves on to the next program or grade, I print all of my anecdotal notes out and put them in their file. 

I also keep IEP progress monitoring notes on activities we do daily (circle time saying their names and other personal info) and what activities we did at my center and how they did.

All of these notes are kept as checklists. Many of the activities done correspond to their IEP goals or are on the report card rubric so I can look back if needed. I have a check plus for got it, check for needed some help, and check minus they did not understand the skill at all. 

Last, but not least I have IEP Goal Monitoring Binder.

In this I have the students IEP goals written out and I document how they did each month. 

Behind my notes I have the actual fine motor drawings they did. 

When the child leaves I keep all of these pieces of info in their portfolios. It is a lot, but I have had people ask me two years later about a child and I will have to pull out interventions tried, work they did, etc. so it is all important to have. 

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