I don't know about you, but I am longing for Spring. In preparation I revamped my Springtime Center Activities with more activities and all the center activities have a corresponding recording sheet now! 

Here are some of the activities included:
Draw a number and count it out.

Patterns (AB,ABB, ABC, AABB) There are pattern strips the students complete and cut and paste recording sheets.

Opposite Match Up. There is also a rhyming version similar to this.

Ten Frame Match Up. Students count out the ten frame and match to the number. Record on the recording sheet.

Before and After Numbers and ABC's. Draw a number or letter, write it in the middle and write the numbers or abc's that come before and after. 

Beginning Sound Match Up (also an upper and lower case option). 

Blending. Sound it, write it on the card and record. There is also a segmenting option. 

Odd or even numbers? Sort the numbers. 

Digraphs (ch,th, sh) match up and record. The digraphs are at the beginning or ending of the word. 

Sums to the Sun! Students will add and sort out the sums to 10 and record their answers. 

Count the Room. Place the cards around the room and students will count the butterflies, write the number and color the butterfly the same color as the butterfly on the card. 

Count and color or stamp. 

Fill in the missing numbers cut and paste. 

Last, but not least is roll a shape and graph. If you get wiggle, wiggle the kids get to stand up and wiggle like a worm!

The Springtime Center Activities will be 50% off for the next 24 hours. 

Have a great weekend!

Here are some fun activities to introduce your Pre-K or Kindergartners to identifying coins! 
 Included in the Coins, Coins, Coins! Activities Packet are:

Spin a coin and graph heads or tails.

There are coin poems. 

There is a money book and students match the coins to the poem. 

There are individual coin books with some fun facts about the coin! On the last page students count up the money. 

There is coin cut and paste matching. 

There is spin a coin and graph!

There is also flip a coin and graph heads or tails.

My kids LOVE bingo stampers and this is a fun match and stamp activity. 

My kids also LOVE play-doh and students match the coins and smash the same coins in the row with play-doh. 

Last, but not least for students that are more advanced you can have students play Show Me the Money. Give students a handful of change and then tell them an amount you would like them to count out. Students show the amount on the mat. 

You can find all of these activities and a few more in the Coins, Coins, Coins, Coins! Activity Packet. 

Coins, Coins, Coins! Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Have a great Sunday!

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