At this point in the year my kiddos are starting to get squirrely and some of our more routine parts of the day like circle time do not tend to run as smoothly. Here are some tips to make circle time work through the rest of the year. 

Change up the songs and add more songs in between activities. Also, let students pick the songs they want to dance too!

Here are some of our favorites.

We love animal action and beanbag boogie by Greg and Steve. 

A lot of our favorites are form Greg and Steve Kids in Motion

We also love Going on a Treasure Hunt.

I try to introduce more props to take a song we have done a lot already into something more fun again!

You can find some sunglasses by clicking on the picture below.

We also love Marching Around the Alphabet by Hap Palmer. 

I also try to change out my fidgets available to the kiddos. We have different weighted items (weighted lap dog, weighted bottles filled with sand). Sometimes all it takes is changing the color of the sand or changing the type of item slightly to make it exciting again!

Changing up your visuals you use also helps to keep their attention. We have a circle time folder and individual circle time pages. I change between the two so they don't bored. 

You can grab these folder visuals here.

Last, but not least. We do calendar on the board, but I also have a smartboard version that we use at times too. The kids love using the smartboard and it is a great way to mix it up again. 

What tips do you have to keep your kiddos engaged in circle time for the year?!

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