We love Kwik Stix in my classroom! They are mess free, bright and colorful, and easy to hold for my little ones. 

We have colored in items, made crafts with them and even used for printing practice. 

Here are some fo the activities we have done. 

You can find them at Target, Amazon, and now Toys 'r' Us

Need to mix some things up in your sensory room or want to bring some of those gross motor activities into your classroom? 
Here are some easy activities that the kids love, but also require little storage and are great for their fine and gross motor skills.
This activity can be made for any holiday. I have different color hearts and we taped them to the floor. Students would hop, gallop, or march to each heart. I also had duplicates of the hearts for students to identify the color and match. You could easily do this with any die cut. 

I found this fun road decal at Target in the dollar spot. I put it up on a magnetic board and students can drive the car around the track. It is great for hand eye coordination and tracking and being vertical helps strengthen the core. You can easily make the track out of paper too!

If you have a large mat available you can put it upright and make it into a tunnel that the kids can crawl through. They love this. We have also let them drive a train through the tunnels. 

Something else fun to do is to blow up balloons and you can make paddles for the kids to hit them back and forth with paint sticks and paper plates. 

We made this fun beanbag toss game. Great for practicing colors and throwing accuracy skills!

We also have used plastic eggs and spoons and walked back and forth trying to hold our eggs on the spoons. 

 Toss the Easter eggs into the cups.

Easter ring toss.

Toss the ball into the basket of grass.

Stacking chicks made out of kleenex boxes.

What activities do you like to do in your sensory room to shake things up?!

I am linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday April edition!

I updated my blog and love the new design and was thrilled with how easy it was to do! 

We had spring break the first week of April and sadly I was sick with the stomach flu, Ethan got pneumonia, and Madi's allergies were awful, but we did go to my cousin's wedding. 

The weekend of Easter we got to go to Bunnyville at the zoo and did get to dye Easter eggs. The kids loved both!

I will be honest I have been lacking creativity lately. I think I am just ready for some warm weather and some real relaxation minus sickness and bad weather. I did get the opportunity to make these fun new bingo daub numbers 1-10. I am going to be doing these with my PM kiddos this week. 

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