Patriotic Sensory Bin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
My kids LOVE sensory bins and it is a great way to incorporate skills they need extra practice on. 
With Memorial Day coming up I made some patriotic sensory bin activities. Here are the activities included.

You can check out these activities here.  Have a great day!

Here in Michigan we are not able to get outside from October until May usually because it is either too cold, wet, or too much snow and with our kiddos so we have been VERY fortunate to get a sensory room. Being in the sensory room so often means we need to try to keep the ideas fresh and new frequently to keep our students attention. 

This past winter we decided to create a little town in our sensory room for students to drive the cars around too and to learn how to interact with each other. 

The great thing about this little town we created was:
1. It kept our kids busy for a few months before growing bored.
2. It taught our students important life skills (how to request food, how to interact with each other). 
3. We were able to focus on using our core vocabulary boards to interact with their peers. 
4. We got lots of fine motor and gross motor skills practice! 

The kids used the Little Tikes cars, bikes and/or scooters to drive around the town. 

We had a McDonald's and students could drive up with the cars or scooters to the McDonald's. 

The core vocabulary board is behind the students, but we also had smaller ones at each place for students to use. 

Post Office. Students wrote letters to their friends and would scooter or drive them over to the mailbox.

Hospital/ Vet. The kids loved this because they could talk with their animals and the animals would go get McDonald's or other treats. 

Car Wash (this was a favorite!)

What do you need to set up your own town?!
1. Make sure to have large core vocabulary boards.
2. cardboard boxes, paper, and dramatic play items. 
3. Teach students how to use the dramatic play props ahead of time and slowly integrate into the sensory room. 
4. Have students help you create the town. 
5. Have the dramatic play props in small tubs that students can easily pull out and can easily be put away. 
If you do not have a sensory room (we just got ours this year) you can create these town places on paper and put around the classroom and have students use scooters to drive to each and have all the dramatic play props stores in small containers that can easily be put up and taken down.

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