I cannot wait to do these activities with my kiddos next week!
We are starting our ocean theme for the last three weeks of school and my morning class is still having some confusion with shapes so I made up these fun Shark Shape Activities. 
There is stamp a shape and smash a shape. 

We will be doing this poem during whole group time. 

My pm class we are going to work on identifying shapes and tracing the shapes. 

There is also an adapted book, write the room, trace the room or color the room. 

Next year we are going to do a weather theme for a week or two. Here are some of the activities I plan on doing next year.

Preschool and Kindergarten Weather Activities

You can find these weather activities here.

Here are some of our favorite weather arts and crafts.

Here are some of our favorite weather books.
Start Reading for older beginners
  Delta Science First Readers, Weather, 8 pack
  Wind (Science Emergent Reader)
Weather Ready-to-Read Value Pack: Rain; Wind Clouds; Snow; Rainbow; Sun (Weather Ready-to-Reads)

Some other books you may want to check out are:

Hello, World! Weather
Little Cloud board book
Do you have any weather activities that you love to do with your class?
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I've had a few questions about how to schedule and lesson plan for ECSE. Here is how I go about it.
The schedule can be challenging to come up with and what works with one group may not work with another group or the schedule may not work all year long. 
Here is how and why I planned the schedule the way I did.
AM Schedule 
My morning class does table time, which allows us time to get the kiddos in the bathroom and changed and the opportunity for me to check the folders really fast. 
Circle time is when we do names, calendar, counting, and abc's,
Then, we get up and move for 3-4 songs. We read a short story and then start centers.
Right now for centers there are two groups and we switch. Then, we do whole group play. Some of my kiddos don't know how to play or share well with their peers so there is at least one adult there to assist. During whole group play I also try to assess. 
Our second circle time is a fun activity and/ or core vocabulary board activities. 
Then, we have snack and go down to the sensory room or outside until it is time for the bus. 
The PM class schedule is very similar, but I do work boxes to teach independence instead of table time and at centers they rotate through three centers. 
I try to assess during the center or sensory room/ outdoors time. 
When I lesson plan the first thing I do is come up with a monthly/ weekly theme plan. 
Once I have my theme ideas for the year then I start to write up my lesson plans. This is the format and I fill in the activities for the different parts of the day. 
Here is a lesson plan sample.
I keep all of my lesson plans and the corresponding activities in a large binder. (excuse the mess!)
I have a separate core vocabulary binder and lesson plans. 
And I have a separate work box and table time activities. 
What tips or ideas do you have to help make scheduling and planning easier?!

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