1. Try to do rough lesson plans during the summer and if you have extra materials keep them organized by month so you can grab and go or have less to prep. As soon as the month is over the extra paper and activities I plan to do I put in a new binder or back in the file folders to use again next year. That way there are less copies to make and I am already planning ahead a little. 

2. If possible try to switch materials with another teacher. The other ECSE teacher and I switch our table time activities every week so we are only planning those activities every other week. 
We use these three drawer roller cabinets to store and switch.
Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Cart
3. Have materials organized in your classroom by their use and labeled so you can quickly grab them and go and when you are emptying the boxes or containers you can easily put them back where they go. 

Work box materials in one area, table time activities in another cabinet. Adapted books in boxes specific to skill or season.
I got the work box storage tags from Teaching Special Thinkers. 
Sensory Bin Items I keep large bags in one closet area organized in the order that I use them. That way it is easy to grab and pour in and once emptied the previous week/s items can go right back into the bag and into the closet. 
4. Try to prep for two weeks ahead if possible and store the papers in the order you will try use them. 

I have a metal 20 file storage where I put copies that are made ahead of time. 

You could easily use one of these to plan ahead with too. 

3-Drawer Rolling File Organizer Cart

5. Last, but not least try to store all seasonal items in one area in tubs that you can easily grab out the tub and all the activities of that theme are there and ready to go. I keep my seasonal tubs in these Sterlite containers.

Sterilite 16 Quart Storage Box
What are some things that make your next week's planning a little easier?!

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