I recently posted my Back to School Print and Go! It can be a crazy time of year and sometimes you just don't have time to prep so these activities you can just print and go. They are great for morning work, early finishers, or extra practice!

Matching upper and lower case letters. 

Counting out items. 

Color Word identification

Count and Graph.

Stamp a Rhyme

Fill in the missing letters (upper and lower case options, fill in missing numbers).

Counting and Stamp Syllables

Beginning Sound Stamp

Spell the CVC Word

Shape Match Up

Trace a Shape

Find the one that's different

Stamp a shape, find the shape, and make the shape. 

My Book of Shapes.

Fill in the missing numbers and abc's.

Spin and Graph

You can check it out here. 

Keep a tub of items and an area easily accessible by the students and teachers for the students or yourself to get when needed. During circle time or whole group time is when most of these items are used. 
1. Cube Chairs and Rocking Chair
The rocking chair has been great for my little ones that just constantly need to be moving. We have added a bumpy seat or wedge seat to it for added stability. I have a few students that have slid out and that seems to help keep them in place. 
Little Tikes Rocking Chair
They help define the students space and can be used two different ways depending on the support the children need. 

Cube Kids Chair
2. Wedge Seats
We also love these bumpy, wedge cushions. It is great sensory input for students and helps them to sit for a little longer periods of time (such as reading a story). 
CanDo Vestibular Sitting Wedge

We also use the bumpy discs. We have not blown them up so they can be placed in the cube chairs or the rocking chairs.

Gymnic Disc 'o' Sit Jr. Inflatable Seat Cushion
3. Chewies (round one, vibrating one, blue one, tubing)
Chewy Tubes
  Massaging Action Teether

Twisty Teether Ball
4. Sensory, Fidget Blanket
5. Weighted Dog
Teachers Pet Dog 
6. Weighted Bottles

7. Sensory Bottles
8. bubble wrap
Bubble Cushioning Wrap
Items used in the past with students:
weighted vest or compression vest (may need permission slips) or weighted hat
Weighted Compression Vest 
What sensory items do you use in your classroom to help your students?

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