Have you ever used Kwik Stix?! My students and kids LOVE them! 

Why are they so AWESOME?!

1. Lots of colors!
2. Bright!
3. Quick Drying! Instead of using paint that can take a long time to dry these dry almost instantly.
4. They make doing handwriting practice fun!
5. Are a great alternative to markers and crayons!
6. You can get them at Target or Amazon. 

I love trying to use different types of drawing materials with my students and Kwik Stix worked great on cardboard! This would be a fun table time activity or early finishers activity. 

We are going use kwik stix to decorate our super hero masks the first week of school. 

My students LOVE using them to practice writing their letters

or doing letter finds!

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(I was asked to review Kwik Stix, but all of these opinions are my own)
For a couple of years I had a rotation of para pros in and out of the classroom. When this was occurring it was a challenge because they were not familiar with the students or what was expected of them during different parts of the day. So what I did to help ease this transition was made a list of times and teacher duties and para pro duties. 
You can download a copy here. 
I also have a list of the students with their pictures and a what the students likes and dislikes are.
I also had an extra set of visuals used in our classroom on a regular basis. It is great for all of the staff to have the same visuals so they are able to reinforce behavior and expectations in the classroom. 
The more explicit it is of what is expected of you and your aids the easier it is for everyone to know what their job is throughout the day. If there is an issue it is easier to address because it is written down. Also, if you have people rotating in and out frequently they can quickly look it over and know what they need to do in the classroom. 
What tips do you have for working with your aids in your classroom?!

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