Tracking IEP goals can be hard if you don't have a plan in place. My first year I had lots of notes and work samples, but it was super unorganized! As time has gone on I have finally figured out a system that works for me. 
I have a binder for whole group activities. I keep a daily chart (checklist) of daily center activities and whole group activities and how the kids did. It is a simple check system. Check plus for they got it great, check for they sort of got it, and check minus they still need work. 

The checklist has all of the students names and the activity and date. 

In the binder, I have tabs splitting up circle time and center time activities and they are organized by trimester and AM/ PM class. 

For individual student goals I have an IEP goal monitoring binder. The binder is split up into AM/ PM class and each student has a tab. 

Each child has a sheet with their name, goals, school year, and monthly data. 

Here is sample of that tracking sheet. All you have to do is put in text boxes and type in your info. 

Work Samples are kept behind this sheet for each child. 

For some students I have to do a lot more tracking of behaviors and for these students I have a tracking sheet that has their name, class, and the behavior being tracked. It is a quick cross off how many times you see the behavior.  These tally charts are kept on clipboards for the students that need them and I can easily carry them around the classroom with me and quickly check off the frequency of the behavior. I keep these sheets as well as any anecdotal notes in an individual folder for the child. 

I take anecdotal notes on stickies or scrap pieces of paper and weekly try to enter them into the computer. I have a file named documentation with each child's name that I fill in anything that needs more information. Included in these files are certain things they did great, what caused a behavior and what interventions were attempted. 
Do you have any quick and easy ways to track data and keep all of your progress monitoring notes organized?! 

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