When teaching social and emotional skills the most important thing is 
Many of our students need to be taught to identify emotions. You can use the core vocabulary board to identify these emotions and have students take turns making different faces. 
After students are able to identify emotions well they need to learn how to regulate them appropriately. Teaching students happy vs. sad choices is very important. These types of visuals help my students to understand what choice to make. On some of these charts I also include what the consequence will be so they understand what they may gain or lose on by the choice they make. 

We also try to model how to share and how to take turns during whole group play time where my aid and myself can show and model to the students how to do these skills. Lots of modeling and practice are key!

Also, having students know where the safe place is when they get upset is another key to help students regulate their feelings. As my students go through the year they sometimes can begin to notice when they are upset and will go to the calm down area then when they are ready they return to what is asked of them. When in this area give your students some space to decompress and I always try to emphasize are you ready to come back and make happy choices? Most times students will come back and complete the task asked of them. Also, remind students it is ok to be upset, but they need to handle this anger in an appropriate manner for everyone's safety. 

You can find these activities here. 

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What tips do you have for teaching your students how to regulate their emotions?!

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