One of the most challenging things as a special education teacher is all the data you are expected to get and how to organize it all. It takes awhile to get a system that works for you, but here are some of the things I have done in my classroom to help with trying to get it and to organize it. 
Circle Time and Centers
I have a binder for whole group activities. I keep a daily chart (checklist) of daily center activities and whole group activities and how the kids did. It is a simple check system. Check plus for they got it great, check for they sort of got it, and check minus they still need work. 

The checklist has all of the students names and the activity and date. 

Work Boxes. The work box is listed at the top and the child's name is on the side. There is a key at the bottom to state if they needed some hand over hand, accomplished it or not. All of the activities are attainable for the students, but sometimes some of the students choose not to do them or need a little help to get started. 
IEP Goals. Last week I talked about that in depth. 
Read all about that here.
Report Cards.
Each child has a manila folder with their year in my classroom and all of their assessment papers right there. While assessing I move all of the pages vertical so I know who I need to assess. In these files are also work samples of report card items.  
Do you have any great ways to organize all of the data you take throughout the day?!

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