Here are some fun and easy fine motor tasks to help strengthen students fingers and core in preparation for printing and cutting. 

1. Number punches.

2. Clothespins tasks.

3. Hammering golf tees. This is a favorite amongst all of my students!

4. Put in tasks. 

5. Using fingers or tongs to pull out items from a box. 

6. Lacing Pipe Cleaners with plastic golf balls or straws. 

7. We also love the Feed the Animals Fine Motor Games from Lakeshore Learning. 

8. Q-tip painting.

9. tearing paper. 

Using large broken crayons helps students to develop the correct finger grasp to eventually hold a pencil. 

We LOVE these alligator tongs

For students that are not quite ready to use the alligator tongs strawberry hullers also work great! 

What are some of your favorite fine motor activities to do with your kiddos?!

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