This year my kids LOVE Paw Patrol. To get some of my kiddos using the core vocabulary boards more often I decided to do some activities with Paw Patrol and some of my kids that don't always willing use the core vocabulary to talk have been willing too and have even wanted to come up to share with us. 
Here are some of the activities that we have done or will be doing incorporating Paw Patrol. You could easily do these activities with other your students favorite characters too.
My aide found Paw Patrol characters at the Dollar Tree and right now there are Lightning McQueen characters, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse characters also there!
1. Say I like and they can identify their favorite character.
2. I see...and students either draw a character or you draw a character for them to identify.
3. Who? drives what vehicle. Students match up the character to the correct vehicle. I found pictures of the vehicles and printed them out.
4. Same or Different. Show two of the characters and students will decide if they are the same or different.

5. Go! Students will pick a character to put in a vehicle and when they say/ show go you make the vehicle go. 
6. Not! Is this ____ and the students identify if it is or not. 
7. Turn...have students take turns with a different character and rotate through them. 
8. Positional Word Practice. You can get a container or a vehicle and have the students put the characters in different places. 
9. Where, the paw patrol stickers in the correct place.  I found this sticker scene kit at Target in the Dollar Spot section. 

The activities are endless and because it is a high interest item all the kids want to talk about it. What are your kids really into this year?

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