Here are some sensory room must haves and some tips and tricks to getting the materials. 
Determine a Space
Before beginning to collect items figure out if you are going to have a room or just a space. If it is just a space make sure you have ways of storing it or the items are easy to break down. Get creative with storage! We had our sensory rooms in our classrooms for awhile and we would store the items behind other movable cabinets or behind my desk for awhile. 
We have a sensory room space, but now what?!
How can you get the items...
Garage sales, donations, Donor's Choose, or grants. Donor's Choose was the way we went to get some  of our bigger items and it worked out great for us! Donations were also a HUGE help!
Easy to Store Items
The items below are ones we were able to easily store and use in our classrooms before having a large space. 
1. trampoline

                                                         Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)

2. ball pit

                                                           Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids
3. tunnel (collapsible or t-shirt fabric one)

                                                                6-ft Play Tunnel Kids Tent
4. balance beam (foam one)
5. Steps/ boat

                                                                  Rocky Boat and Steps
6. Body Sock
  Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox
7. wobble seats

                                                                 Moluk Bilibo Blue
Items for a Sensory Room
If you have a room these are some additional items you may want to check out!
8. Bikes
9. Swing
Once your have a lot of these items you can make an obstacle course to switch it up. 
Here is a picture of an obstacle course we made in our classrooms before we got a sensory room.

I know many people are on limited budgets and if you are, definitely try Donor's Choose to get a lot of the materials or look into other grants. Having a sensory room or sensory time/ space definitely helped to improve our student's behavior and meet their needs better. It was a great opportunity for them to calm down and refocus.

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