This past month we have been playing farmer's marker. I made out of cardboard and cardstock I made an apple tree, corn, and potatoes and carrots for the students to pick and sell. 
You can find the farmer's market sign and visuals here. 
We had carrots and potatoes to pick. 

We had corn to pick (velcroed on to cardboard).

And an apple tree to pick from. 

We used a combination of the cardstock veggies and fruits and plastic ones. Containers were set up to sort out the fruit and veggies once picked and then the students could come buy the food. My own kids and my students LOVED it! 
These same signs can be used for setting up a grocery store too. You can find out more about the grocery store here. 

Sensory Bins are Endless in what you can do with them! Here are some ideas that you can use all year long!

Leaves, acorns

Shredded paper

Black Beans

Corn Kernels

Easter Grass




Yarn and Ribbon



Other Items You can Use:
Decorative Shredded Paper (you can find at the Dollar Tree)

Metallic Foild Shreds (you can find at the Dollar Tree)

Cotton Balls
Pom Poms

If you are looking for activities to use with the sensory bins check some out here. 
Sensory Bin Growing Bundle Activities

What are some of your favorite sensory bins?

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