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Balancing paper and teaching in Special Ed is really challenging! There is LOTS more paperwork, and documentation than ever before and sometimes it is very overwhelming! Here are some tips to help ease it all! 
1. If possible try to schedule times of the day when you have extra people in the classroom or the class can do whole group activities.
2. Have assessments needed to be done for the day ready to go before the kids come up. I try to pick one assessment to tackle a day (for example: abc's, shapes, or colors) and get through the entire class that day. 

3. Once you have assessed try to record it that day or the next day on the rubric or in your assessment book. That way you won't have a ton of papers stacked up at the end. 
4. Prioritize IEPs that need to be done. I have a Done Pile, To Be Completed Pile, and a To Be Started Pile. 
What tips or tricks do you have to help ease the stress of all the paperwork!

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