Here is a peek at my new Digital product...Winter Number Bond Fun.

Students will be writing part and part makes... and students will fill in the missing numbers within the number bond. Lastly, students will trace and write the numbers and then show different ways to make them. 

It is super easy to use because all you have to do is put the pdf file up on the ipad, interactive board, etc. and then students swipe through the activities. 

Check it out here or click on the picture below. 

Here are some fun winter activities great for small group, centers, and whole group!

Here are some fun fine motor activities:
polar bear with sprinkled oatmeal for his fur. 
sorting pom poms by snow cone color. This is a freebie you can find here. 
Using q-tip to make a snowflake. 

Melting snowman. 

Students use corn syrup to skate their fingers around the ice pond. 

Paper plate walruses.

Torn or cut paper penguins. 

Using small packing circle trace the circles. We have also done this with marshmallows. 

Polar bear face. Students pull cotton to spread the 'fur'. 

Small or whole group activities:

I made a large penguin and the students feed the penguin a shape fish. 

For this activity students draw a number button and identify it. 

Penguin and egg shape matching. If you want to make your own you can find the ovals here. All you need is black cups, small orange triangles and the white eyes are from a hole punch.  

Here is a cute poem to say. 

Shape identifying. You can find that here. 

These winter sensory bin activities you can find here. 

Favorite Winter Books:

Here are links to the books pictured above:
                                                                        The Mitten

   The Snowy Day
 Snowmen at Night
Snowballs (Rise and Shine) 
                                                                Penguin and Pinecone
                                                                 When Winter Comes
                                                                 Puppies in the snow
                                                       Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme
                                                                          One Mitten
                                                    Bear Feels Scared (The Bear Books)
                                                         Bear Snores On (The Bear Books)
                                                         Under My Hood I Have a Hat

What are your favorite winter activities to do with your kids?!

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