You can read more about some of my favorite winter activities here. 
You can find these winter activities here.
Looking for some fun freebies look here.
Here is a brand new freebie...winter flip it, say it, stamp it!
Here are some of our favorite activities and arts and crafts! 
You can find this freebie here!

This is a great core vocabulary board activity too! You can work on the words who, not, me.

What are some of your favorite winter activities?

Here are some new holiday activities. You can check out some ideas from last year here. 

You can find these holiday activities and a few others here. 

You can find some holiday freebies here. 

These activities have all been added to the Tis the Season Mega Pack.

My kiddos loved making these wreaths with scrub brushes. 

We have also painted with bows. 

These counting mats are from prekinders! 

You can grab the poem here. 

You can grab this freebie the Rudolph color nose game here

We have also made snow globe ornaments. 

Favorite get up and move songs:

Every year for about a week or so we read about the gingerbread man and do some fun gingerbread man activities. 

Here are some of the gingerbread man activities we do:

Here are some of the activities from the Gingerbread Activities

Here is a cvc gumdrop activity FREEBIE too!

We have been reciting 4 4 Little Gingerbread Man Poem from Kindergarten Hoppenings. 

We have decorated a giant gingerbread man with number buttons. 

We have decorated gingerbread people. 

We have also marble painted gingerbread people.

My kids LOVE sorting these buttons and the mats are super durable (from Lakeshore Learning). 

  Lakeshore Button Sorting Center

What are some of your favorite gingerbread man activities?!

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