More Core Vocabulary Activities!

My students have trouble linking the links together so for this activity I would first give them one link and then they would say "I want more" and I would give them one more. They would request more. Then, they would try to connect the links and if they couldn't they would request help. 
I want more and help

We watched
 Super Simple Songs...Knock, knock who are you?

Then, we had students knock on the door and ask who are you? and they got to open the door to see what Paw Patrol character was waiting inside!

Same vs. different monster. 

He/ She

My students LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol. Take character figurines or pictures of the characters and have students identify if the characters are a he or she.

We did where is he? He is in the...

We hid the turkey for the thanksgiving season, but you can hide any little person for this activity. Then, the students got to hide it themselves.

I or You Put on

Students put toppings on the cake. We did it where they said what they put on and we did it where they told another student you put on...

Get, Make
 Have students tell each other what to get to make a hamburger. You can do the same with cake, pizza, or smores or any other food the kids enjoy! 

Look at me!

Students will take pictures of each other, but before they can take the picture they need to say/ show "Look at me!"

Last, but not least a freebie! Students will identify he or she and if possible what they are doing using the core vocabulary board. You can put it on a smartboard or iPad or print into a book. 

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